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According to a report of the United Nations, the world urban population is expected to become 6.3 billion in 2050.The scale and pace of urbanization in Pakistan is relatively high. By 2030 or earlier, its urban population is likely to equal its rural population. The impact of urbanization will be felt in all spheres of human life including a complex set of environmental, economic and social challenges. However, there is a unique opportunity to build more sustainable, vibrant, innovative and equitable communities. Finding solutions for a better urban future involves developing new forms of collaboration and partnerships. Inspired by the possibilities of this new urban era, and driven by a belief in innovation through collaboration across traditional divides, The Urban Unit seeks to improve the way people live, work and play in the future cities of Pakistan and elsewhere.

The Urban Unit was established in 2006 as a Project Management Unit of the Planning and Development Department, Government of the Punjab. In 2012, it was transformed into a wholly Government owned company, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The organization employs highly qualified and experienced professionals. The fields of operations mainly include Urban Planning, Urban Transport, Solid Waste Management, Urban Water & Sanitation, Geographic Information Systems, Urban Property Tax and Land Records as well as Municipal Finance.

Core Values
  • Environment of trust
  • Commitment and dedication to quality services
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Open communication and cohesive team effort
  • Creativity, innovation, analysis and research
  • Persistent exertions for improvement and progress
  • Highly conducive environment for stakeholders
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